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About us

                                                          TWC's Mission

Treasures of the Heart Worship Center (TWC) exists to facilitate, carry out, and exercise the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ as commanded in Matthew 28:19-20. We endeavor to achieve this goal by embodying the posture of a servant, surrendering to the will of the Lord Jesus Christ. We seek to have a Kingdom Builders mentality in spreading the word and of Jesus Christ to the entire world. We believe this can be accomplished in being led by the Holy Spirit. In doing so, we know that the Treasures of our hearts as we follow Jesus Christ will bring for all good things as it says in Matthew 6:21. We are Kingdom Builders of the Lord Jesus Christ!


                                                          TWC’s Vision

Is to encourage and empower all people to discover their God-given gifts and equip them by teaching the Word of God, producing a mindset of Kingdom Building, and serving a limitless God.

our pastors & Ministry Team
Pastor Thomas Sligh
Pastor Zohnette Sligh

Director of Women's Ministry

Minister Derrick Williams

Sunday School Ministries

Kate Palker 2.jpg
Minister Kate Palker
Philip & Justine Dix

   Winning Marriages


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